Ambiato is a leading company in providing the finest quality sanitaryware products, bathroom & kitchen products, tiles, furnishing products, interiors & exterior services and much more throughout India. It is a platform where the customers looking for the best quality products for their homes & offices and brands who sell such fine quality products meet.

We want you to be able to create your surroundings and the home of your dreams in the simplest way possible. To end this we believe there is one major roadblock that stands between the customers and the brands which are the unfamiliarity of trending products, quality and service.

Thus we created Ambiato where the customers can find a wide range of brands having a huge range of exotic products with their details including prices, warranty, usage, etc.

Our range of products extends from bathroom accessories, toilets, flushing systems, basins, furniture, tapware, tiles, interior decorating services, and much more. We also now also offer a complete selection of products designed to support Commercial & Independent Living solutions.

From our careful selection of catalogue items through to our extremely quick turnaround and delivery of orders, we want to ensure your home interior & exterior development goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re looking to create a new home, renovate an existing home or fit out an entire apartment building or commercial development, Ambiato and its brands have the solutions.

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